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Air Gripper Actuators

Air Gripper Actuators
Air grippers are an essential component of any pick and place system. The comprehensive range of Air Grippers offered by SMC include parallel type, angular type and rotary type Grippers, with numerous choices of configuration, guides and sizes. The parallel type can be selected with two, three or four fingers for simultaneous gripping and centering. SMC also manufacture extremely compact miniature actuators through to heavy duty, large opening models.

Product features:
  • Sizes range from 6mm to 125mm nominal
  • Parallel, Angular and 180˚ Opening Jaws
  • Low profile construction
  • Dust cover and push rod options
  • Round body 2, 3 or 4 finger grippers

Parrallel Type Grippers expand
Parrallel Type Grippers
Series MHZA2-6/MHZAJ2-6: Compact Series. Size: Ø6mm Download 'Series MHZA2-6/MHZAJ2-6:' datasheet
Series MHZ2: Standard Linear Guide. Size: Ø6-25mm Download 'Series MHZ2:' datasheet
Series MHZJ2: Linear Guide with Dust Cover. Size: Ø6-25mm Download 'Series MHZJ2:' datasheet
Series MHZL2: Linear Guide with Long Stroke. Size: Ø10-25mm Download 'Series MHZL2:' datasheet
Series MHF2: Linear Guide-low Profile. Size: Ø8-20mm Download 'Series MHF2:' datasheet
Series MHL2: Wide Opening. Size: Ø10-40mm Download 'Series MHL2:' datasheet
Series MHR2/MDHR2: Rotary 2 Finger Gripper. Size: Ø10-30mm Download 'Series MHR2/MDHR2:' datasheet
Series MHR3/MDHR: Rotary 3 Finger Gripper. Size: Ø10,15mm Download 'Series MHR3/MDHR:' datasheet
Series MHK2: Square Body, 2 Finger Gripper. Size: Ø12-25mm Download 'Series MHK2:' datasheet
Series MHS2: Round Body, 2 Finger Gripper. Size: Ø16-63mm Download 'Series MHS2:' datasheet
Series MHS3: Round Body, 3 Finger Gripper. Size: Ø16-125mm Download 'Series MHS3:' datasheet
Series MHSL3: Round Body, 3 Finger Gripper with Long Stroke. Size: Ø16-80mm Download 'Series MHSL3:' datasheet
Series MHS4: Round Body, 4 Finger Gripper. Size: Ø16-63mm Download 'Series MHS4:' datasheet
Angular Type Grippers expand
Angular Type Grippers
Series MHC2: Standard Angular Type. Size: Ø10-25mm Download 'Series MHC2:' datasheet
Series MHC2/MHCA2/MHCM2: Compact Angular Type. Size: Ø6, 7mm Download 'Series MHC2/MHCA2/MHCM2:' datasheet
Series MHT2: Toggle Type Gripper. Size: Ø32-63mm Download 'Series MHT2:' datasheet
Series MHY2: Cam Style Gripper with 180° Angular. Size: Ø10-25mm Download 'Series MHY2:' datasheet
Series MHW2: Rack and Pinion Style Gripper with 180° Angular. Size: Ø20-50mm Download 'Series MHW2:' datasheet
Rotary Grippers expand
Rotary Grippers
Series MRHQ: Combined Gripper and Rotary Actuator. Size: Ø10-25mm Download 'Series MRHQ:' datasheet

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